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Simply fill out the details accurately and honestly. Where the question is marked with (M), this is a mandatory requirement to become a UBW subcontractor. However, should you not comply, we can often work with you to help meet that requirement (you can always call us to ask for help in completing the form).

Our subcontractors relationships are important to our overall delivery team, so while we understand that you may not have everything you need to do every size or type of job, we encourage learning and continuous improvement. As we grow, so can you.

We look forward to working with you soon,
The UBW Team.


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Personal Protective Equipment (M)*
Are your personnel issued and trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment?
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Electrical Register (M)*
Is your electrical register current to legislative requirements?
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Injury & Incident Investigation (M)*
Are you and your workers aware of the injury & incident investigation process?
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Toolbox Talks and Pre-starts (M)*
Do you conduct toolbox talks and pre-start meetings for your workers?
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Plant and Equipment (M)*
If you use Plant and Equipment, do you have log books for services and maintenance?
You WILL be required to provide these upon request.
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WHS Management Plan (M)*
Do you have a WHS Management Plan?
You may be required to submit a copy of this at a later date.
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Do you have a management system for:

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First Aid*
Do you or will you have an onsite First Aider?
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Hazardous Substances and MSDS (M)*
Do you keep a Hazardous Substances Register and Material Safety Data Sheets?
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Many of our clients require our workers to have specific training or inductions. They are listed below.
Whilst NOT mandatory, without them you cannot work on some projects.

OHS General Industry Induction (White Card)*
 Yes No

Rail Industry Safety Induction (RISI)*

 Yes No

AusGrid Training (Energy Australia)*
 Yes No

UBW is INVITED to tender by the majority of our clients. They often require specific information provided in a particular format, or broken down into smaller components. Our submission can be more accurate if our subcontractors assist in this process.

When you accept an Invitation to Tender, are you committed to providing a competitive price, in the required format (breakdown) within the required time frame?
 Yes No

Do your workers have the necessary skills, training, certificates and/or licences to carry-out the work?
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Do you intend to use subcontractors?*
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Many of our clients require UBW and any providers of goods or services to comply with the National Code of Practice? Do you comply?
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UBW seek to build strong, sustainable relationships with subcontractors having specific industry experience.

Relationship with Degnan*
Many of our clients require Degnan and any providers of goods or services to comply with the National Code of Practice? Do you comply?
 Never Less than 5 jobs Between 5 and 10 jobs More than 10 jobs

Project Experience - Transport*
Do you have recent Transport project experience such as rail, roads, wharves or airports?

 Yes No

Project Experience - Education*
Do you have recent Education (Schools, Universities, TAFE) project experience?

 Yes No

Project Experience - Energy*
Do you have recent Energy (Substations, Power Stations, Other HV) project experience?
 Yes No

Project Experience - Public Works*
Do you have recent project experience for government projects such as Courthouses, Police Stations or Local Council works?
 Yes No

Handover Docs and OMM*
Will you submit Operations and Maintenance Manual (OMM) when requested to complete contractual requirements?
 Yes No

Will you provide all required warranties for works carried out or materials supplied?
 Yes No

UBW must be certain that any subcontractor providing a service is meeting all statutory and financial requirements.

Workers Compensation Policy Number (M)*

If you have Workers Compensation Insurance, please write the Policy number in this box, then upload a copy of your certificate of currency in the UPLOAD field at the END of this form.
If you DO NOT have Workers Compensation Insurance, please write N/A.

Worker's Comp Expiry Date
Please write the Expiry Date for your Workers Compensation Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance (M)*
Please write the Public Liability Insurance Policy number in this box, then upload a copy of your certificate of currency in the UPLOAD field at the END of this form..

Public Liability Insurance Expiry Date*
Please write the Expiry Date for your Public Liability Insurance

Do you understand that UBW may require Bank Guarantees or hold a retention % as security on some projects?
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Please upload the requested documents here.
You can upload multiple documents, but only one at a time.
If you are using a smartphone or tablet, you can take a photo of the document.

- Workers Comp
- Public Liability Insurance
- Contractors licence/certificate

- Licences and Trade Certificates
- Register of Competent / Certificates of competency
- Company Profile / Statement of Capability

We welcome expressions of interest from quality sub-contractors
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Subcontractors apply now! We are always looking for great talent and want to know about you for either now or in the future, so please send us your CV.