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Connecting the best people with the most innovative projects under quality leadership is how we build value and create our foundation for success. We look for people who want to develop their careers and stand out from the crowd with impressive job opportunities listed on their resume. Our aim of delivering the highest standards of workmanship can only be achieved through employees with initiative and personal drive, as well as people who can commit to the demands and challenges of the commercial construction and facility maintenance industries.

Throughout its 25 year history, Ultra Building Works has been recognised as a leader, known for its delivery of quality commercial projects and facility maintenance division. The development and growth of our core business has resulted in our company propelling to the forefront of the building industry. Alongside our talented employees, we have been able to develop aqueous strategies in order to respond to various client and market changes. Thus, being an integral part of a reputable and reliable company provides you with opportunities to work in various sectors.

We strive to attract and retain the very best people by creating an inclusive environment that is rich in diversity and creativity. Our Building Value Awards Program acknowledges the exceptional performance and achievements of individuals and teams, encouraging all employees to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the industry through the various opportunities, support and training programs offered.

Why UBW?

At UBW we are committed to nurturing talent and aim to ensure that we deliver services of the most superior quality. All employees are provided with opportunities to work on various projects around Australia, and thus are exposed to an assortment of strategies and techniques that are beneficial in skill development. By offering paramount and consistent training programs, professional development and career development opportunities, we cultivate a strong sense of commitment and loyalty amongst employees, with the entire company treated as one big family.

Annual performance appraisals, with an emphasis on personal and professional development, are held to reinforce our commitment to acknowledge the career progressions and expansions all our employees undergo.

To retain our reputation as a company that triumphs through performance, UBW strives to ensure that all employees continuously update their knowledge and skill set. You will be encouraged to attend seminars, training courses, industry forums and conferences covering a wide range of technical developments, project delivery strategies and personal development.

UBW also endeavours to sustain an internal “family” culture – networking and social functions are held to provide employees with opportunities to connect with colleagues on a professional and personal level. Work groups and departments are structured to encourage interaction with your colleagues, in the hope that ideas and suggestions for improvements can be enlivened.

Ultra Building Works Construction and Maintenance team is constantly looking for new employees with diverse ideas, skills and capabilities.

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