Who We Are

Our commitment, versatility, teamwork and mission statement


From company commencement in 1996 up to our current business day,
Ultra Building Works (UBW) promises an efficient construction and building process through quality management, superior service and the highest standards of safety.
We are committed to the finest craftmanship, budget-controlled pricing and on-time delivery to ensure a quality construction project as well as a satisfied client.


From corporate offices, retail centres, commercial projects, building maintenance and residential land development, our extensive experience of construction projects is a reflection of UBW’s adaptability.


We place great emphasis on cooperation between UBW management and our client to ensure consistency and a maximum level of efficiency.

Quality Assured and Certified

Our continual implementation of quality assurance and certification is imperative in the functioning of our business.


Because our clients have a need, we have a job.
Because our clients have a choice, we must be the better choice.
Because our clients have an urgency, we must be responsive.
Because our clients are unique, we must be flexible.
Because our clients have high expectations, we must excel.